Introducing Counter-Culture Contentment

My friends, I have some bad news for you.

Even though the election is finally over, reams of tasteable stupidity are going to continue flying through the air. There is going to be a blitz of misinformation so intense it will burn you if you stand too close.

There are still going to be politicians telling you that things are terrible because of everyone else and that they are the only cure for your dissatisfaction.

Media outlets are going to continue to cause you to experience fear, then let their advertisers sell you crap to alleviate that fear. Issues won’t be discussed at length and people will keep making misinformed judgments simply because they identify with one side of our nonsensical polarized system. Sources are not going to be checked, anger and anxiety are going to be rampant, nonsense will be in the dish of choice.

This year’s Presidential debates were marketed like UFC fights. Presidential ads tried to sell us candidates as if they were selling us toasters.

This is the plan. The norm, in our ego-driven, dissatisfaction/anxiety-producing society.

And there’s hope. It doesn’t have to be your plan. I cannot think of a single time in my own life when finding stillness and building a well-rounded mind is more important than it is right now. Thinking for yourself and questioning authority has never been more important. If you can find a measure of stillness in today’s divided, attention-seeking self-centered world, you’ll be able to find stillness anywhere.

Welcome to Counter-Culture Contentment. I have prepared a series of articles on contentment, financial stability, and mental strength that I’m going to be posting over the next several weeks and months. These are all experiences and ideas culled from my own life.

There is one unifying theme that I want to drive across:

What we need right now is rebellion. Not a physical or violent rebellion (though that’d be awesome), but a rebellion of thought, led by self-aware people (a scarce commodity in today’s world). A rebellion of young people, deciding that they want to be smarter with their money, time, and mental resources. People who seek change from a mindset of personal abundance, not personal scarcity. Who seek to change the world from a mindset of contentment, not anxiety.

Make no mistake, in today’s advertising-driven, fear-and-anger-creating world, to even try to be content is an act of open rebellion. Informed choices backed up by self-awareness are revolutionary. I hope that any of these things I’ve experimented with and written down can help you in some small way.

Welcome to the Counter-Cult. Let’s build better lives and a better future, one self at a time.



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Aaron Nichols

Aaron Nichols

Vagabond. Yoga teacher. Surfer. Here to laugh+inspire. Loving what you’ve read? join 2000+ others at The Well-Lived Life!