Why I Got a Vasectomy At Age 27

Given recent SCOTUS developments, I endorse my choice. Here’s the case for snippage. Gather round!

Aaron Nichols
3 min readMay 7, 2022


The author on a swing in Ecuador, stress-free

Men, given recent news, it looks like a lot of women are about to lose autonomy over their bodies and experience forced birth. Many of the birth control options available to them are heinous and often unavailable.

A perfect birth-control option is sitting right in front of us as biological males, and as someone who’s experienced it, I’d like to alleviate any fears you might have.

To be honest, on the other side of it, I can’t see a reason why a biological male who isn’t thinking about having kids right now wouldn’t consider this. It’s a freaking amazing, stress-free way to live life.

Last January, I had a vasectomy. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time (but I had scheduled the procedure while I was with a former girlfriend).

When we scheduled it, my ex was on some very toxic birth control that was messing with her body, mind, sleep schedule, etc. She’d been taking it since before we met, and we both wanted her to be happier and healthier.

Vasectomy was a perfect solution. Though we broke up before had the procedure, I went through with it because I was totally sold after my pre-procedure conversation with the doctor. Here’s why:

  • Vasectomies are reversible with a 90–95% success rate (depending on the type of procedure).
  • Having a vasectomy does not affect your sex drive or sensitivity. All that is cut is the vas deferens (indisputably one of the top five funniest body parts to pronounce with a lisp) whose sole purpose is to deliver sperm.
  • This may be TMI, but you still ejaculate. Only 2–5 percent of ejaculate is sperm, the rest is a cocktail of bodily fluids. So you don’t notice the difference.
  • Did I mention vasectomies are reversible? With a 90–95% success rate?
  • Vasectomies are covered by insurance, and as biological males, we can walk into any doctor’s office and say “give me a vasectomy,” and have that doctor go “Indeed! Post-haste my good man!” (which is NOT the case for a woman looking to have her tubes tied). If you don’t have insurance, most are…



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